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Experienced EAP/ESP Instructors

Are You Looking to Work in an Exciting and Professionally Challenging Environment?
Bilkent University’s Faculty Academic English (FAE) Program is seeking highly qualified instructors of EAP & ESP. Most FAE instructors are required to teach three classes of English 101 in the fall term and three classes of English 102 in the spring. English 101 and 102 require students to read and analyze academic texts, plan and compose academic essays, engage in independent research projects, plan and deliver oral presentations, and develop their language and academic skills proficiency as learners of a foreign language.

The FAE program also offers more advanced EAP and ESP courses. These courses provide students with the skills required to understand philosophical texts, communicate effectively in business settings, and develop language awareness and presentation skills as graduate students. Some instructors may be asked to teach these classes in lieu of English 101 and 102.

Required Qualifications:

 • a master’s degree or PhD in English, rhetoric and composition, TEFL, TESOL, or education
  a minimum of 2 years relevant teaching experience at university level

Those who also have experience in content-based instruction, course design and delivery will have a distinct advantage. Successful applicants are expected to use an interactive teaching style that promotes critical thinking.

What can I expect as an instructor of composition/EAP coming to Bilkent University?

An induction program at the beginning of the year
A high quality University environment to further develop and practice teaching skills
Membership of a vibrant school community of some 300 international and local staff
Opportunity to do research in second / foreign language learning
Career-expanding opportunities in assessment, curriculum development, teacher training, or management
A top-notch library and electronic resources to support learning and career development

We Offer:
An attractive employment package, with a two-year renewable contract
Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience, quoted in US Dollars and Turkish Liras, with the option of transferring foreign
currency portion to home country, the remainder paid in local currency
Fully-furnished, rent-free private accommodation on campus (a fee is charged for utilities)
Residence permit, work visa, and airport transfer
Air fare at the beginning and end of contract
Baggage allowance
Custom in-house Turkish language courses
University gym membership
Meal vouchers
Opportunities to live and travel in an exciting and diverse culture, one of the cradles of civilization

Job Description

Responsible to:  Head of Faculty Academic English Unit

General Aims:
1. to provide quality tuition to develop students’ academic skills, language competence and breadth of knowledge
2. to design and develop high quality courses and materials
3. to take responsibility for the fair and consistent assessment of students
4. to ensure professional standards at all times
5. to collaborate with FAE colleagues and contribute to a positive team dynamic
6. to collaborate with faculty members to meet FAE aims and support departmental aims
7. to collaborate with colleagues and units to meet School and University aims
8. to contribute to the development of high quality tuition throughout the University
9. to undertake specific job-related duties / research to contribute to the development of FAE and the School as a whole
10. to teach about 15 to 20 hours a week


1. to provide quality tuition to develop students’ academic skills, language competence and
    breadth of knowledge by 

  providing students with a clear course outline package which ensures students understand course expectations, requirements,
objectives and assessment
  teaching in a professional, open, encouraging manner and developing a positive relationship with all students, irrespective
of their level or approach to learning
  establishing a stimulating, challenging, interactive, academic learning environment which also has clear expectations and standards of behavior
  providing lessons which:
• meet course, FAE, School and University objectives
• are linked into a coherent learning program
• are prepared and sequenced appropriately to meet student needs
• cater for different learning styles through varying teaching formats, materials and technologies
• are challenging and stimulating in pace and cater for the range of levels of students in a course
• encourage student involvement and student responsibility for their own learning
• address remedial needs effectively
• prepare students appropriately for assessment of learning
providing high quality feedback to all students in written and tutorial form such that students have a clear view of their progress at all times
being open and available to students for consultation

2. to design and develop high quality courses and materials by
participating in the regular review of unit and FAE level expectations and objectives
selecting and designing materials for courses to develop appropriate academic skills and language
selecting stimulating 101 and 102 course content to reflect FAE and University objectives of broadening student’ education outside their
chosen field of study
 designing courses which incorporate teaching methodologies and approaches that will stimulate students’ and provide  variety of format
 producing course plans that clearly outline weekly content, materials, language and skills objectives
 continually evaluating course topics, content, materials and methodologies
 adapting courses in light of evaluation, student performance, student feedback, unit feedback and departmental feedback, as appropriate
contributing to the development of all FAE courses by providing feedback on shared courses and shared materials
  balancing the need to develop courses over more than one semester with the need to create new and stimulating courses  for the
teacher and students

3. to take responsibility for the fair and consistent assessment of students by
designing assessment of learning tasks that abide by the agreed course objectives, course requirements and agreed team standards for
that course
providing students with quality feedback on all assessments of learning
designing courses and lessons to facilitate students in the successful completion of assessments of learning
contributing to the review and updating of course objectives and requirements on a regular basis
contributing to assessment design meetings for each course by considering the design of each assessment task carefully,
completing draft assessment tasks and providing detailed feedback to the group as required
maintaining professional levels of confidentiality concerning all assessment issues and tasks
 participating in the invigilation of exams and assessments as required
contributing to regular small group standardization meetings and contributing to exam standardization meetings, as necessary
engaging in cross-marking schemes to ensure consistency of grading across the team
 abiding by agreed grading and standardization in the marking of assessment tasks

4. to ensure professional standards at all times by
contributing to students’ personal development through the promotion of a suitable learning environment both inside and outside the
maintaining all FAE required records in a professional manner
 maintaining an open-door policy regarding classroom visits and participating in observations and sharing practice with colleagues in an
open, supportive manner
 liaising with colleagues on professional matters: course development / lesson planning / materials development / testing and criteria /
assignments set / student progress / marking of assignments
 providing cover or adjusting teaching schedules in order to support absent colleagues
 completing all administrative requests and procedures in a timely and professional manner
 adhering to and enforcing university rules
 participating fully in FAE meetings and other meetings as required
 taking an active part in personal professional development
 participating fully in designated professional review processes, as required
 participating in training programs, as required

5. to collaborate with FAE colleagues and contribute to a positive team dynamic by
supporting all new staff as fully as possible, particularly during their first year
 behaving in a cooperative, supportive and understanding manner toward all colleagues at all times
 sharing practice, ideas and advice in an open manner
 accepting differences in personality and approaches to work of colleagues in a flexible and open-minded manner
 participating fully in any meetings / discussions by raising points clearly and concisely, being open to discussion, constructive
criticism, suggestions and feedback regarding practice, issues of concern and unit decisions and taking minutes, as required
 addressing personal conflict issues with those concerned in a timely, professional manner, before seeking third party

6. to collaborate with faculty members to meet FAE aims and support departmental aims by
maintaining a positive relationship with relevant faculty staff by communicating regularly and openly about all course issues
and concerns
 attending relevant course meetings with faculty staff and contributing actively in such meetings
 ensuring all faculty / FAE meeting minutes and decisions are communicated to the Head of the FAE unit
 ensuring connected courses meet FAE objectives and compliment faculty courses as appropriate
 addressing collaboration problems as they arise and in a constructive manner

7. to collaborate with all colleagues and units to meet School and University aims by
contributing to liaison activities between FAE units, as required
 contributing to liaison activities between the Preparatory Program and the FAE Program, as required
 actively participating in School level and University level developmental activities, as required
 participating in, supporting and contributing to institutional and university conferences and symposia

8. to contribute to the development of high quality tuition throughout the university by
contributing to the maintenance of high standards of tuition in class, in each FAE unit, in the departments and in the School/University
as a whole
 ensuring students understand the importance of instructors having professional and academic standards, and the importance
of these standards for personal development
 contributing to new initiatives and projects related to quality tuition as required
 contributing to training and developmental workshops / seminars as required

9. to undertake specific job-related duties / research as required to contribute to the development of FAE
    and the School as a whole by
participating and taking on responsibility in task groups / special projects as required
 presenting information / writing reports on special projects as required
 sharing expertise / individual knowledge relevant to specific projects
 conducting research relevant to FAE / the School / the University when possible
  publishing / presenting research to the wider academic community, with the support of FAE / the School / the University

10. Teaching about 15 to 20 hours a week


For password requests, please send an e-mail to intrec@bilkent.edu.tr.

At the beginning of each academic year, an induction is given to all new colleagues with their peer group to welcome them and to support them in settling into their new positions.  A detailed orientation program is provided to all newly hired FAE instructors as soon as they arrive on campus and prior to the start of the new teaching term.