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Introduction to BUSEL

Bilkent University School of English Language (BUSEL) through its Faculty Academic English Program (FAE), which offers credit bearing English language courses for academic (EAP) and professional purposes to students starting in their Freshman year, dedicates itself to support the further development of Bilkent students’ English language and study skills through their time in the university. It helps them develop their potential as critical, analytical, and autonomous learners as part of a commitment to whole-person learning. The school also helps students successfully adapt to university life, cope with the demands of academic study, and provides them with tools to embark on a fulfilling and successful life after university.

FAE program is actively involved in the university’s GE 100 University Orientation program for all incoming students at the beginning of each academic year by offering sessions on various topics ranging from ‘Ways of Thinking’ to ‘Would you like to learn more about your brain?’, ‘Asking the right question’, ‘Autonomous learning’, ‘Note-taking and origami’. Program also runs university’s writing center Bilwrite, which provides

The school is also committed to provide its staff with a professional place to work. It offers opportunities for personal and professional learning and development, encouraging an open and enquiring culture to support institutional learning. BUSEL has organized 15 international conferences, in the areas such as English Language Teaching, Teaching English for Academic Purposes, Language Assessment, School Management, Teacher Training and Development for the last more than 20 years. Some of these conferences were jointly held with IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English), its various SIGS (Special Interest Groups), and with BALEAP (Global Association of EAP Professionals). BUSEL has been a member of IATEFL for the last 25 and of BALEAP for the last 8 years.

BUSEL has also been offering its CTEAP (BUSEL Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes) in-service training program for more than 10 years. CTEAP is a professional development program designed for instructors who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in dealing with the complexities of teaching English for Academic Purposes in a university context. The course is open to all English language instructors in Bilkent, but is particularly geared towards the needs of those working in the FAE program. It provides the opportunity to learn more about the profession as EAP practitioners and to explore in depth issues related to teaching and learning in an EAP context.

BUSEL is a learning institution that constantly evaluates and renews itself to better accommodate the changing needs of its students.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tijen Aksit
Faculty Academic English Program