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Development Plan

The BUSEL 2004-2008 Development Plan was originally developed from the communication with the units in the year leading up to September 2002 and was prioritized at the Bolu Heads Meeting in the second semester of the 2002-2003 Academic Year, after further consultation with individual units.

The plan has now been updated in consultation with the individual units to reflect the enlarged focus of BUSEL after the establishment of the FAE program structure at the beginning of 2003. The goals cover the four years from January 2004, although, as in the past, as a result of emerging issues and needs, the plan may need to be realigned during that period.

The Directorate aims incorporate the curriculum aims for the Preparatory Program (textbooks, curriculum, e-learning, testing, self-access) as well as general management and administrative support aims for the whole school. The Head of Teaching Unit aims are focused mainly on the Teaching Unit delivery of the curriculum. The aims for the FAE Program and the ETS Department incorporate both curriculum design and delivery concerns. The Teacher Trainers have broadened aims which cover training needs for the whole institution, particularly since the commencement of the MA program.
January 2004