One of the essential elements of the course is the continuous structured input which is given to support the participants as they work their way through the assignments required. This input aims to help the participants develop their practical teaching skills as well as their underlying theory, and it is in the form of the following:

  • structured input sessions given by the teacher trainers;
  • reading and research;
  • self-observation; observing other instructors; reflection;
  • feedback on lesson planning and teaching from tutors;
  • feedback on assignments from tutors (as well as peer feedback);
  • guidance in professional development.

Program Goals

Delta is a part-time, in-service course run by BUSEL with accreditation from the University of Cambridge. The course is designed to meet the University of Cambridge Delta syllabus requirements (link:  http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/22096-delta-syllabus.pdf) to enhance the participants’ knowledge and understanding of:

  • the English language and its description;
  • the practice and principles of teaching and learning English in relation to a wide range of adult learners and their learning contexts;
  • the nature, role and use of resources and materials;
  • management of the teaching and learning process;
  • the procedures for the formal and informal assessment of students, the evaluation of courses and programs of work, and the investigation of personal effectiveness as an instructor in the classroom.

In addition, the course presents opportunities for the participants to further their professional development as instructors, coordinators (of other instructors) and program administrators, and to improve their skills as instructors and ELT professionals by helping them to apply this understanding to a wide range of teaching and learning contexts.

Dr. Elif Şen
Mutlu Işıl Ergun