The In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching (ICELT) is a Cambridge English teaching qualification. It is a practice-based award which provides early career full-time English language teachers with in-service training and development, and is designed for both English native speaker and non-native speaker teachers. The course is also of great benefit to teachers who need to refresh their existing knowledge base, or who have previously not had the opportunity to take a formal ELT teaching qualification.

The main aims of the ICELT course are to:

  • improve teaching skills;
  • deepen theoretical knowledge in relation to classroom practice;
  • further develop teachers’ use of language for professional purposes.

The ICELT course consists of two Modules: Module 1- Language for Teachers; Module 2- Teaching and Methodology. Candidates who successfully complete both modules are awarded the ICELT qualification.

The ICELT is run as a part-time in-service program by BUSEL for its full-time instructors and serves as a structured induction program for novice staff, i.e. new graduates or teachers with some previous experience newly recruited to the BUSEL English preparatory program.

In 2002 BUSEL was one of the three centers worldwide approached by Cambridge English (formerly Cambridge ESOL) to pilot the ICELT course, because of its well established reputation  in the design and delivery of the COTE course (the former ICELT). Since 2002, over 200 English language instructors have successfully taken and passed the ICELT course in BUSEL. The course also serves as an excellent foundation for any instructor who may wish to take the DELTA course later on.