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Experienced EFL/EAP Instructor

Are you looking to work in an exciting and professionally challenging environment?
We welcome applications from motivated and experienced instructors who would like to work in one of the top 250 universities in the world according the to the Times Higher Education, teaching English language or English for Academic Purposes (EAP) to equip students for studies in their departments.

Required Qualifications

• A university degree and a minimum of four years of full-time EFL/EAP experience, OR
•  A university degree and two years of full-time EFL/EAP experience with a Cambridge University ESOL certificate, or an internationally-recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate

A relevant graduate degree and teaching experience at the university level would be a distinct advantage.

What can I expect as an early-career EFL instructor coming to Bilkent University?
• An induction program at the beginning of the year
• A high quality University environment
• Opportunity to obtain an internationally-recognized teaching qualification(Cambridge English Language Assessment DELTA*) with    scholarship
• Membership of a vibrant school community of some 300 international and local staff
• Opportunity to do research in second / foreign language learning
• Career-expanding opportunities in assessment, curriculum development, teacher training, or management
• A top-notch library and electronic resources to support learning and career development

We Offer:

• An attractive employment package, with a two-year renewable contract
• Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience, quoted in US Dollars and Turkish Liras, paid locally
• Fully-furnished, rent-free private accommodation on campus (a fee is charged for utilities)
• Residence permit, work visa, and airport transfer
• Air fare at the beginning and end of contract
• Baggage allowance
• Turkish language courses
University gym membership
• Monthly lunch allowance (electronic cards)
• Ankara is centrally situated in Turkey offering access to a range of interesting destinations.

Annual Teaching Load: 680 hours (spread according to course demand)
Weekly Teaching Load

Year 1 Year 2
 Fall semester: 20 hours + probation
Spring semester: 20 hours
 Fall semester: 20 hours
Spring semester: 20 hours

Weekly Teaching Load if offered Mentoring

Year 1 Year 2
 Fall semester:  20 hours + probation + mentoring
Spring semester: 20 hours
 Fall semester: 20 hours
Spring semester: 20 hours

* DELTA: Cambridge English Language Assessment Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults

 Job Description

Responsible To: Head of Teaching Unit

Overall Goal: To improve the quality of learning of all BUSEL students irrespective of their learning profile.

General Aims:
1. To provide quality tuition to the students.
2. To effectively carry out non-teaching related duties.
3. To contribute to institutional and professional development.
4. To fulfill other job related duties as required.
5. To teach a full instructor course load of 680 hours.

1. To provide quality tuition to the students by:
1.1. planning, preparing and delivering effective lessons to meet students’ cognitive and affective needs;
1.2 ensuring that the learning objectives specified in the Preparatory Program Syllabus are met in the best possible way to meet students’ needs; 1.3 providing formative assessment and feedback on a range of tasks through the Learning Portfolio and other assessments;
1.4. contributing to the development of critical thinking skills of students;
1.5 providing individual support and attention to students as required and through tutorials and individual meetings;
1.6 contributing to students’ personal development in BUSEL through the promotion of a suitable learning environment;
1.7 contributing to evaluation and planning of courses to better meet student needs;
1.8 selecting, adapting and preparing materials for classes;
1.9 using computers for effective teaching and learning.
1.10 responding positively to student feedback gained through the Evaluation of Learning (EL) results and the University Course
and Instructor Evaluation

2. To effectively carry out non-teaching related duties by:
2.1 liaising with colleagues in all matters related to teaching of their students;
2.2 actively participating in, minuting and chairing Teaching Unit meetings and any other meetings as required;
2.3 effectively invigilating and marking all exams organised as required;
2.4 maintaining records in designated formats;
2.5 substituting for absent colleagues as required;
2.6 adhering to and enforcing institutional rules.

3. To contribute to institutional and professional development by:
3.1 participating in staff development and other training programmes as and when required;
3.2 contributing to the climate of development in the Teaching Unit;
3.3 contributing to the positive working atmosphere in the Teaching Unit and the school;
3.4 participating in the establishment and maintenance of an ‘open door’ policy, which includes class visits and classroom observations;
3.5 having classes videoed for professional development purposes;
3.6 developing computer-related skills for teaching and learning;
3.7 positively contributing to the appraisal process;
3.8 actively participating in task groups;
3.9 positively contributing to consultation on key Teaching Unit and institutional issues.

4. To fulfil other job-related duties assigned by the Director.

5. To teach a full instructor course load of 680 hours.


For password requests, please send an e-mail to intrec@bilkent.edu.tr.



The probation period for instructors new to BUSEL English Language Preparatory Program is one semester. An outline of the probationary criteria is given below to inform those instructors who would like to apply for a teaching position.

Probationary Criteria

Headof Teaching Unit (HTU) manages the probation process and makes the final recommendation to the Directorate referring to the data collected. The recommendation made falls into three categories:

a) approval of successful completion of the probationary period;
b) extension of probationary period
c)  termination of contract.

An outline of the probationary requirements is given below:

a) Satisfactory fulfillment of all duties detailed in the job description.
b) Demonstration of a wide variety of skills over two assessed lessons observed by the HTU and by another HTU or Teacher  Trainer (TT),
and demonstration of mastery of teaching skills and techniques with reference to the BUSEL Teacher Development  Criteria by the end of
the probationary period.
c) A clear indication of a successful instructor-student relationship.
d) A clear indication of a successful working relationship with instructors in the Teaching Unit, line manager, instructors in  other Teaching Units, Post of Responsibility holders, management team, administrative and support staff.
e) Adherence to the Professional Code of Conduct outlined in the Staff Handbook.
f) Maintenance of acceptable standards of behavior within the academic community, and respect for the precepts of reasonable behavior within the community at large; individual support of institutional values.

Probationary Process

Two probationary meetings are held with the HTU during the probation period: Probation Update Meeting and Final Probation Meeting. The Probation Update Meeting takes place half way through the probation period and is designed to be an opportunity to discuss the probationer’s progress and to address any issues that need to be considered in the second half of the probationary period.  The Final Probation Meeting takes place at the end of the probation period, and the points identified in the Probation Update Meeting are revisited and evaluated.

A password is required to gain access to the Probation Handbook.  Applicants who have submitted an application may send their password request to intrec@bilkent.edu.tr.


At the beginning of each academic year, an induction is given to all new colleagues to welcome them and to support them in settling into their new positions.  The program covers a typical working week and offers an excellent opportunity for the beginning of a constructive dialogue between new colleagues and the school.  The program aims and topics are summarized below.


The programme aims to provide:

• a supportive, non-threatening environment for participants
• all participants with the necessary information to be an effective member of a Teaching Unit from the beginning of the new academic year.
• participants with an understanding of the specific teaching/learning culture at BUSEL
• an outline of school procedures and policies
• an opportunity to discuss school wide issues

Sessions Include:
• Introduction to Bilkent University and the School of English Language (BUSEL)
• Life in the Teaching Unit, a typical work week
• Introduction to the BUSEL Curriculum
• Introduction to computerized learning programs in use
• Working with students, how students progress
• Assessment in BUSEL
• Question and answer sessions
• An introduction to ICELT with some practical tips for the first week in class