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Course Content and Pedagogical Approach

The pedagogical approach followed on the ICELT course in BUSEL reflects constructivist and progressivist educational philosophies with the aim of helping instructors develop as autonomous and competent professionals. The candidates on the course:

  • reflect on their teaching and the learning of their students, and link them to theory;
  • reflect ‘on’ action and ‘in’ action to promote a practical mindset while planning and delivering lessons;
  • analyze the strengths and areas for attention in their teaching, and come up with action plans to move their professional practice forward;
  • adapt the course content to be meaningful and relevant to their personal needs;
  • explore their own beliefs related to teaching and learning;
  • link theory, practice and their beliefs in constructing their teaching identities.

The ICELT course comprises 2 Modules:

Module 1: Language for Teachers aims to

  • Develop insight into and awareness of language form and function in classroom and learner discourse
  • Develop flexible, accurate and appropriate writing skills for communicating clearly with learners, colleagues and other professionals
  • Develop flexible, accurate and appropriate speaking skills for communicating in the classroom as well as with colleagues and other professionals
  • Enable participants to develop their capacity to know how to evaluate their language skills for continuing development

Module 2: Teaching and Methodology aims to cover the following areas from the ICELT syllabus

  1. Language knowledge and awareness
  2. The background to teaching and learning English
  3. Resources and materials
  4. Planning and management of teaching and learning
  5. Evaluation, monitoring and assessment
  6. Professional development
  7. Language for teachers