Developing Professional Practice

Module Two aims to develop candidates’ ability in the following areas:

  • working with language learners in a variety of learning contexts
  • preparation for teaching learners of English
  • evaluation, selection and use of resources and materials for 
teaching purposes
  • managing and supporting learning
  • evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
  • observation and evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
  • professionalism and professional development.

To achieve these aims candidates need to show that they are able to:

  • research selected language/skills areas and focus on problems and solutions for learners
  • apply their knowledge and understanding of factors affecting learning and teaching to their practice
  • plan, teach and evaluate lessons which meet the needs of specific groups of learners and individuals within the groups
  • use a range of resources and materials, and teaching and learning strategies which are appropriate to learner needs and context
  • constructively evaluate their own teaching and engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 
The full syllabus can be downloaded at

The assessed coursework consists of five assignments, which are completed during the Delta course.

  • A two part Professional Development Assignment (PDA)
  1. Part A: Reflection and Action (RA) 2000-2500 words
  2. Part B: Experimental Practice (EP) 1500-2000 words
  • Two Language Systems Assignments 2000-2500 words
  • Two Language Skills Assignments 2000-2500 words

Each language systems/skills assignment includes

  • a background essay (2000-2500 words) in which the candidate explores an area of language systems/skills and considers related teaching and learning issues.
  • Planning, teaching and evaluation of a lesson related to the chosen area.

PDA includes ten hours’ observation of other teachers and reflection on these observations. (Observations of other teachers can be filmed or ‘live’.)

PDA and three of language systems/skills assignments are internally assessed and externally moderated. One of the language systems/skills assignments is externally assessed.

Module 2 reading list